Samsung S7562 Root done in vroot or Imai repair done in z3x

Samsung S7562 Root done in vroot or Imai repair done in z3x

Samsung S7562 Model Image :

If you want to root of Samsung S7562 you can do job in vroot tools no need to flash any file just use this vroot tools you can do root easy just you need remember that of must your device enable usb debugging without enable usb debugging you can't root and also remember must battery charged of your device and this rooted in live condition no need to any mode no need to any special cable just plus in to computer or laptop and attach in to device one click on root button you are done here also put vroot tool software and in that tutorial also put how to repair samsung s7562 imei in z3x box and remember without rooted you can't repair imei in to device just first need to root after you can repair imei also here put tutorial of samsung s7562 how to imei repair just following this tutorial both solution here first of root or second of the how to repair imei to samsung s7562 in z3x tool.

VRoot_1.7.9.9611 Download from HERE

Required for Root:

1. Samsung S7562 with battery charged
2. VRoot tools
3. Micro USB cable
4. Computer or Laptop

How to Root Samsung S7562 in VRoot Tools:

1. Open VRoot tools
2. Enable usb debugging (must)
3. Turn on your device Attach in to Computer or Laptop
4. Click on Root button
5. You are done
Samsung S7562 Rooted done in VRoot Tool screen shot:

Required for imei repair in Z3x:

1. Z3x box
2. Samsung S7562 Device with battery charged
3. Micro USB Cable
4. Computer or Laptop

How to imei reapair in Samsung S7562 from Z3x box:

1. Open Z3x Box
2. Choose Model S7562
3. Attach your device in turn on condition
4. Click on Repair button
5. And fill legally imei in box
6. Click on OK button
7. Wait until imei repair
8. You are done

Samsung S7562 imei done in Z3x box screen shot :

Note : Please use legally imei

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