Tutorial Flashing Asus 4S T00Q Via CMD

Tutorial Flashing Asus Zenfone 4S T00Q Via Adb cmd windows. because rooting error, the internal memory is full, to result in a boot loop. worse can be up Hard brick total dead . but as long as they can enter into Droidboot by pressing (Power + Volume up) can still be done flashing the firmware upgrade. As for how to flashing zenfone 4s via ADB can follow the instructions below
  • Tool Before Flash:
  1. Download ADB fastboot here 
  2. Download Intel USB Driver here 
  3. Download System.img.gz here  (832 MB)
  4. Download Boot.img : here
Tutorial Flash Asus 4S T00Q:
  1. Download and Install Intel USB Driver
  2. Download and Ekstrack ADB fastboot
  3. System.img.gz (don't extrack) with Boot.img to folder ADB
  4. Turn Off Zenfone 4S ( 4S )  go to Droidboot with (Power Volume + up)
  5. Connecting zenfone 4s On your Computer
  6. In Folder ADB, select" Open Commond Windows Here "
  7. On CMD write :
typing on CMD

fastboot erase cache


fastboot erase userdata


fastboot erase system


fastboot reboot-bootloader

(enter) wait Droid boot vision show up again,  next

fastboot flash system system.img.gz

wait a moment

fastboot flash boot boot.img
after Complete,

Fastboot reboot-bootloader



fastboot reboot

(Enter) flashing Finish
  • Zenfone 4s will restart with new firmware. Good Lucky
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