Bypass any samsung Google verify account only with Video Tutorial by Gsmideazone

bypass any samsung Google verify account only by Gsmideazone

a lot of user having this issue.

this is looks like

pls first look out this post those phone contain 5.0.0 or lower version.

this software just for update like 5.1.1 upper version work.
not only me .
this is tested over 100 person.
this day the software become a business 

that's why i m here to share the paid software 

Download HERE

What you need?

1. My software
2. Otg cable

3. Same as same issue phone

note that the software unable to bypass Samsung account.
don't ask me for is just for bypass google verification.because i clear everything here.

How to use?

1. Simple brain
2. Put the file on pen drive
3. Power on phone
4. Connect the pen drive through otg cable
5. Now you will see file manager
6. Install the software
7. Then you will automatic promoted to settings
8. Make reset from settings
9. Wait to restart phone
10. Now setup as new phone

|| See Video ||

Credit to Mr : Gsmideazone
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