Samsung GT-C3262 restarting with sim 100% solution tested

Samsung GT-C3262 restarting with sim 100% solution tested

Samsung GT-C3262 model Screenshot:

Everyone searching this solution in internet but some technician not understand how to solve that problem but here i put some information to everyone better understand it's every easy to use and also use simple language just consent your mind in this tutorial because if any content missing in this tutorial so you can't solve that problem so please read full tutorial after following this tutorial here giving link for tested flash file so first download it after following to procedure and also remember before use this tutorial check first your devices battery and also check hardware issue if that problem in your device so you can't done this job so remember first most already not enough for only this device first check devices now let's go how to flash samsung GT-C3262 in flash tool.
Samsung GT-C3262 Flash file from here

Required for sim restart solution:

1. Samsung GT-C3262 flash file with tested
2. Samsung GT-C3262 Device with battery charged
3. HWK Box
4. Micro usb cable
5. RJ45 Cable
6. Computer or Laptop


1. Download tested flash file from above link
2. Extract to Desktop or as you wish path
3. Open FlashLoader_7.5.16_CSC_v0.1_LITE folder
4. Open bfloader.exe
5. Click on SetModel button and choose QuatroTeestaKoalaKiwiEdge_Production_Setting_v02.mdl
6. Now Click on Main Partition button and choose C3262DD.ptt from C3262DDLI8_BIN folder
7. Click on CSC button and choose C3262WN.ptt from C3262OWNLI2_CSC folder
8. Click on Start button
9. Press and Hold Volume Down + Lock key and insert usb cable
10. Wait until full flash

Samsung GT-C3262 Flash done in Flash tool screenshot:

11. After full flash open ufs box
12. Choose model C3262 from Swift button
13. Click on Write E2P button and choose C3262_000000001E060200_E2P.bif from C3262_000000001E060200_E2P folder
14. Now use RJ45 Cable for write e2p
15. Insert RJ45 cable in to device and insert battery
16. After done Write E2P write correct imei
17. Now click on Rebuild IMEI button and write your correct imei
18. You are done

Samsung GT-C3262 Write E2P or Rebuild IMEI in UFS Screenshot:

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