Lava Iris X1 Hard Reset or Pattern Unlock done

Lava Iris X1 Hard Reset or Pattern Unlock done

This tutorial tested by me without any risk, just need to remember some impotent notes for data, if you use this tutorial then remember first if you use this tutorial then you can't save data like contacts, mp3, videos, photos because this is factory reset so remember this topic because impotent this step and also check your device battery if low so you can't use this tutorial and check also volume up and down key and power because if this tutorial use then need to three keys for hard reset. You can done problem like Pattern lock, restarting problem, hang on logo, security lock from this tutorial.


1. Turn off device and take out battery
2. Insert battery again in to device
3. Press and hold Volume Down + Power button until recovery option

4. Now Choose "wipe data/factory reset" option
5. Press Power button for Enter menu
6. Choose "Yes -- delete all user data" Option and then Press Power button
7. You are done
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