iTools- English Version Free Download HERE

iTools- English Version Free Download HERE

iTools- English Version Screenshot:

This iTools tools supported to iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch devices as file manager you can do copy paste of application, songs, videos, contacts etc also you can do install application in above device this is simple than other device tools just download it and open it wait until update if any update to server then connect above devices supported then choose you like option and do it and also here best of thing in iTools tool of videos automatically converter in device which is supported in above devices and iTools tool for Apple devices best because in that totally solution of files and easy and also best feature of you can do export to any device you want in just few minute not hard and application Install/Delete also simple you can do, if not use to Export or Import so you can DragorDrop from this tools and also in that application store for free you can download you want application so let's go which is feature in this iTools tool ?.

iTools- English Version Free Download HERE
Password :

Required for iTools- English Version:

1. Internet Connection with 1 Mpbs minimum
2. Apple device
3. iPhone usb Cable
4. Computer or Laptop


1. Device option
2. Application option
3. Music option
4. Photos option
5. Videos option
6. Books option
7. Info option
8. Tools option


1. Download iTool from above link
2. Extract to Desktop or as you like path
3. Open iTools tool
4. Wait until update tools (if any update put in to server)
5. Attach Device in to Computer or Laptop
6. You are done

Note : Must keep updated of  iTools version, if not update you can't Import or Export application, contacts, photos, videos etc

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