MTK 65XX CPU simple imei repair in volcano box 100% tested by me

MTK 65XX CPU simple imei repair in volcano box 100% tested by me

Some time what happen in mtk 65xx cpu imei repair in boxes get error very different and many tricks in market for imei repair this tricks i use in volcano box so if you want to following this tutorial so must have to volcano box because this imei repair in volcano box i had to try to with different style but not solve that problem so i understand that time to problem in software related issue then i try to last in volcano with different method so i success in second method so please before following this tutorial must read carefully this tutorial after following this tutorial and second think must charged your device battery for imei repair also must enable usb debugging in to device so now let's go how to repair imei in mtk 65xx cpu in volcano box.

Required for Imei repair:

1. MTK 65XX cpu type device with full battery charged
2. Volcano box (you can try to other boxes)
3. Micro USB cable
4. Computer or Laptop


1. Turn on device
2. Go to Setting -> Developer Option -> Turn on USB Debugging
3. Connect device with pc and install all required drivers
4. Open Volcano box
5. Go to Tab of Android
6. Choose USB MODE
7. Click on Rebuild IMEI " MODE2 "
9. Fill up legally imei in the both of box or as your require
10. Tick on USB MODE
11. Attach device in to Computer or Laptop
12. Click on Start Button
13. Wait until your device imei repair
14. You are done
MTK 65XX CPU imei repair done in Volcano box screenshot:

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